Sunday Craft-a-noon!

9 Sep

Well today I have been all set to get crafting, although been a little distracted by the lovely weather & the need for ice cream & chocolate. However the crafting has commenced! That saying “you have to speculate to accumulate” springs to mind, my box bedroom, which is now my craft room was tidy when I started earlier, I haven’t got as much done as I’d have hoped, however I am feeling inspired which is great!  The Craft Room

I love my little room; when I got my house several years ago now, the front bedroom was pretty useless, with an over sized built in wardrobe & very little space. The previous owner had squeezed in a reasonable sized desk & a filing cabinet – which made the room look crowded!

Box room







Since I have a very practically minded & very useful Dad (when he’s not working hard) he put on his thinking cap and helped me come up with a solution for this little room to make it efficient and useable. The more challenging issue would be finding a time for him to visit & help me make the plan come to life! (He does live far away, so can be forgiven!)

The problem we faced with such a small room was limited storage space (& I had an abundance of stuff – my Dad’s words, not mine – to store) & not to mention the slope of the stairs encroaching in to the room in one corner. My parents came up with the brilliant idea of hanging cupboards high up on the wall, which would free up the floor space, and my Dad measured up for a custom built workshop suitable for the small slightly awkward room.

So I prepared the room, removing Winnie the Pooh decorations & painting the walls a lovely light warm & neutral colour (almost oyster). My Mum & I on a previous visit had taken a trip to Wickes & bought some kitchen cupboards & floor units in anticipation for the custom made worktop my Dad and created!

The end result is wonderfully perfect – yes one day I’d like a huge custom built craft room/house, however for now this is ideal!


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