Bonfire night, sparklers & Spuds

7 Nov
Ever since I was a small child I have loved Bonfire night, getting wrapped up in warm coats, mittens, hats & scarves is great (especially for a knitter)! For the past few years I have been to big organised firework displays & although they are spectacular, they always feel a little impersonal, so this year we decided to have a small gathering of friends in the garden, have some food & play with sparklers.

When I was young Bonfire night was spent going to family friends where there would be lots of hearty food, parkin, bonfire toffee & competitions for the feeblest fire work. I always remember baking flapjacks to take along to these gatherings so that’s was the first thing I made this year!

Homemade Flapjack

Homemade Flapjack

Having discovered in the past few years, now living in the Midlands, a lot of traditional things I experienced on bonfire night back in the day were more specific to where I grew up. As a Yorkshire lass, you couldn’t have bonfire night without having had your teeth stuck together with bonfire toffee. So I also decided to attempt to make a batch & introduce several of my friends to it who’d never had it before. Surprisingly simple to make, although I learn the hard way not to take your eye off the pan when it’s boiling – I still have a very messy & sticky hob to clean – oops!

Food of choice for the evening was a load of Jacket potatoes, very versatile – we got the bog standard (& essential) cheese & beans, & everyone one else bought along a little of what they fancied, so we ended up with a small feast… smoked salmon (with saffron crème fresh), chilli, coleslaw & salad. Not to mention the flapjack, parkin & bonfire toffee!

The evening was very enjoyable & felt far more intimate & cosy feeling than a large display! For me Bonfire night signals the start to the festive season & it couldn’t have gone better, despite a Catherine wheel escaping from the fence & Chip (the naughty cat) taking the opportunity to scoff some smoked salmon while the humans were distracted by sparkly things!

Doodling sparklers
Doodling sparklers – I do love sparklers & my digital SLR camera!
Knitters with sparklers

This is what happens when you mix sparklers & knitters, thank you Jem (K), Sarah (N), Rebecka (I) & Amy (T)!

With special thanks to Martin, Jamie & Steve for your pyrotechnics. Plus Rebecka & Sophie for having the brilliant idea to bring Rum Punch (Thanks Marks & Spencer’s) I have a new favourite winter drink!

Epic fireworks!

Epic fireworks!

Now I’m off to make Christmas decorations & gifts……. craft fairs that are just around the corner…..eep!


3 Responses to “Bonfire night, sparklers & Spuds”

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  2. tamyraptor October 7, 2013 at 3:25 am #

    Love the photos! Your camera must be great (and your photo taking skills)!


    • nettynot October 7, 2013 at 6:20 am #

      Thank you! They were taken with a digital SLR, however they are quite straight forward to capture with a long exposure & a tripod. They could be achieved with a compact digital that lets you change the exposure!


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