A bit of jewellery making

3 Apr

Having had a relaxed Easter weekend, I’m all inspired and have lots of projects I want to get started, it could also have something to do with the fact the sun has been pouring into my craft room as I’ve working this morning – I’m always more inspired when spring feels like it might be on the way (I just have to remember not step outside into freezing reality).

As part of our much more relaxed Easter weekend we went out for a special dinner, (special as we had a gift voucher) at World Service in Nottingham. I must admit a felt a little apprehensive having not really been anywhere that posh before, however the experience was lovely, the staff were friendly, down earth & their service was excellent, we neither felt bombarded or neglected they have the balance just right. The food was more expensive than I would usually pay when going out for dinner, but it was worth every penny! I had Salmon & it was amazing– cooked perfectly & very tasty! The atmosphere was great, the music & background sounds was just right, not too noisy or too quiet. I also had the most delicious mocktail ever (I was driving) called a pussyfoot, mmm! What a delightful treat it was!
World Service Dinner

Going out to dinner also gave me the opportunity to try out my new dress bought to wear at my friend’s wedding next weekend. It’s a little different to what I usually go for, I usually stick to small patterns or plainer fabrics, but this print appealed to me & it fit rather well, Siciliana Lace Dress from Oasis. When getting ready to go out I realised I didn’t really have any jewellery that was particularly suitable. I thought I necklace might look a bit strange with a high neckline on the dress and my earring & bracelet collection didn’t provide much joy! So what a perfect excuse to make a new set of jewellery!

Siciliana lace dress oasisDress fabric
So this morning I got up all inspired & started rummaging through my jewellery making supplies, looking for a little bit of inspiration and the ideal colour. Working in a bead shop does mean you inherently collect a lot of bit & pieces, just because you love the shape or colour of a new collection in the shop. I end up buying bits & pieces here n there without having a project in mind, however these collected bits came into their own this morning as I had all the items I needed to make a few nice matching pieces to go with my dress!

materials for jewellery set
Since this outfit is for a wedding & I thought I’d create something to go in my hair. Since I’ve decided a necklace wouldn’t look right with the dress I thought creating a bracelet, earrings & hair comb set would work well & dress up my outfit. I chose not to go overboard on different colours since the dress is patterned, I had some lovely small filigree pieces that complimented the pattern well, teamed with dark lapis Swarovski elements pearls and a few small ivory coloured pearl beads from an old broken bracelet I had enough to work with and this is what I created.
Finished jewellery set
I think this should work well with the dress, I’ll inevitably post a photo after the weekend.

I’m off to catch up with last night’s Great British Sewing Bee now – I hope it’s everything I want it to be…..& the answer is YES! I really enjoyed it, I like the challenges & the contestants, like on the bake off have varying experience. I sincerely hope that the Great British Sewing Bee can do for sewing & crafting what The Great British Bake off has done for home baking, especially since I was slightly shocked & quite saddened that my local John Lewis’, yarn, fabric & haberdashery department has shrunk by at least a third recently – not good! However I am now already looking forward to next week’s show & I hope a lot of people are digging out their sewing machines from dusty attics & thinking about what they could create for themselves.


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