Sew Spring has Sprung!

12 Apr

After a weekend away for a friends very lovely wedding & a bit of a sleep in this morning I’m feeling quite rejuvenated!

One of the projects I’ve been working recently was making pearl bracelets with a personalised button charm for the Bride, Amy, to give to her bridesmaid as a gift to wear on the day. So not wanting to ruin the surprise I’ve waiting until now to show off the finished articles!Silver art clay button charm bracelets blog


Amy had something in mind, but everything she’d seen wasn’t quite right, so asked me if I had any thoughts or ideas on the matter. After throwing a few ideas around Amy decided she’s like simple pearl bracelets, with a sterling toggle clasp and a handmade silver button charm, it was lovely to be able to make something personalised for a friend’s special day. These are the finished bracelets.

I managed to acquire a photo of one of the bridesmaids wearing the bracelet, you can also see the lovely flowers she carried.

Bracelet on Claire

I made the bracelets with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS light creamrose crystal pearls and made each charm individually using Silver Art Clay. Buttons we’re used a lot in the wedding, on the handmade bunting and on the bride & bridesmaids haircombs, so I asked Amy for one of the buttons to take a mould from. Amy chose a an ideal button – on lod Mother of Peral one, it had a classic button shape that wasn’t too complicated and wasn’t quite perfect (which I like). Once my moulds were ready I softened up enough clay to fill them. I left the clay in the moulds over night, in the airing cupboard to ensure they were fully dry, I didn’t want to ruin them by trying to get them out the moulds too soon. They didn’t need much work before they were fired, just a little sanding around the edges to smooth them over. I much prefer to use a kiln to fire clay, it’s more consistent & much quicker when firing multiple items & luckily for me you can hire the kiln where I work, at just £5 a firing for art clay. When it came to finishing & polishing the charms, I initially went for a high sparkling shine, spending quite a while sanding and polishing, only to decide that they really didn’t look right really shiney, so I re-sanded over the surface with a fine sanding pad, then a polishing cloth to get more of a satin effect finish. I was really please with how they turned out, still looking handmade, which I think is a good quality to retain. Amy loved them & they seemed to go down very well with the bridesmaids – it was lovely to see them all being worn down the aisle.

So after the lovely bright (though a little chilly) weekend that was the wedding, I woke up this morning to another bright & not quite so cold day, spring may have arrived! A perfect time to do a little stock take & spring clean. This time of year I always like to go through my wardrobe, take out anything I’ve not worn for ages & try them on. I soon realised that there are some items that just don’t fit or I’ve not worn as they just don’t suit me, so on to the charity shop pile they went. I also came across a couple of items that I’ve not worn for a while as they were waiting for me to fix or alter them. So out came the needle & thread, I had a dress that gapes a little in between button on the front, it still fits so it was nothing that a small popper wouldn’t sort out.

navy spotty dress

I also had a long cotton sleeveless top where the seam on the bottom is just a touch too tight, so whenever I wear it, it wriggles up & bunches around my hips; so I’ve split the seams up the sides –sorted!
Turquoise Polka dot top

Neither of these things took me very long, but in having a sort through my wardrobe, I’ve created more space & essentially created two more wearable items – without spending any money!

What do you have lurking in your wardrobe in need of a little TLC?


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