Cats, tea & knitting!

24 Apr

So if you haven’t already happened across the wonderful work of Amy Blackwell, you should have a little gander! Her bright & fresh prints are amazing! After a few of my friends commissioned Amy to make custom kitty prints of their lovely felines, I too couldn’t resist getting my grumpy moggy’s portrait made.

Amy's illustration & chip

I think the likeness is great, I love the detail in the background, makes me think of a patchwork quilt!

Framed custom kitty print by Amy Blackwell

I couldn’t wait to get Lady Chipington framed and up on the wall!

Jem and Amy knitting

You can spy Amy in this photo (she’s on the right) creating a lovely crochet blanket – using up oddments of her yarn stash – very efficient!

Amy's crochet pile

Look at her lovely colour combination!

White Rabbit Teahouse

The lovely Jem Weston (in the photo with Amy above), wanted a few snaps of our lovely little knitting group – she chose a great location a lovely little vintage style cafe called White Rabbit Teahouse. It was a great excuse for Sunday brunch, getting us all out the house (as opposed to knitting at home while watching a bit of Sunday morning tv).

maple and pecan cake

I love all the crockery and simple vintage inspired styling & check out my amazing slice of cake – pecan & maple – it was delicious!

Knitting with friends


Eleanor and I in white rabbit - knitting

Lovely knitters – In the photo above I’m wearing the first cardigan I knitted (without a pattern), I didn’t think I’d able to do it – however Eleanor (on the right) persuaded me it’d easy & to give it a go – I did & (it wasn’t as easy as she promised : P – but definitely worth doing) I do love it!

We’ll be having even more knitting gatherings soon, since it is Knit In Notts 6th birthday next month, as well as Worldwide Knit in Public week in June!


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