Colourful wedding fun!

22 May

I have been a little absent from my blog so far this month – apologies for that, this post will explain my absence; I have been a little busy as good friend of mine got married on Saturday and as well as helping out making colourful bunting to decorate their wedding venue I also set myself a personal challenge of completing a knitted wrap cardigan to wear over my bridesmaid dress.

beautiful flowers

Having met Gemma (the bride) while we were both at uni doing Fine Art there were obviously going to be several creative and artistic touches to the wedding. Gemma too is a knitter (many days once we graduated & job hunting were spent in our renting house knitting – a very productive & fun use of our time). Gemma put her knitting skills and yarn stash to great use and knitted loads of bright & pretty flowers which doubled up as great table decorations and sweet little wedding favours. They went down really well & by the end of the evening I don’t think there were many people who didn’t have a knitted flower attached to themselves.

Wedding cake - with birds

Their lovely twist on a traditional cake went down very well, with a Victoria sponge, chocolate cake & a fruit cake. The cake toppers were so cute. Gemma found them while browsing Folksy & came across the clootielugs shop, she commissioned designer Jill Kitson to make the perfect cake toppers for their cake. You can read a short interview with Jill in Frankly; Folksy’s magazine.

bunting making

I had great fun at making the bunting for Gemma & Neal’s wedding. I love rummaging through my fabric stashes and arranging the order all the fabric piece should be in. I do enjoy the actual sewing too, but not half as much as picking the fabric. These were the finished strings, I hope you’ll agree that they look far better hanging up in the venue than they did on the floor of my lounge.

Barn bunting

bunting strings

Gemma bought along some of her own art work to hang up in the wedding venue, which I thought was a great way of making the place feel more personal. I am afraid my photos don’t do Gem’s work any justice; you can’t get a feel for the wonderful texture and tactile qualities of her paintings with a photo. Gemma has a few life changes coming her way, with a relocation imminent, not to mention just getting married, she has taken what life has given her and used the opportunity to re-focus on her art. You can see some of Gemma’s work over on her website & blog, including loads of vibrant painting and some stunning photography from her exotic travels.

Gem's Art - original paintings

Gem's art - original painting

Continuing the very colourful theme of the wedding, all the bridesmaids were dressed in different solid coloured knee length dresses. This worked brilliantly & made Gemma’s life much easier, as she had several bridesmaids, all different shapes, sizes and ages.

colourful bridesmaids

My bright reddish coral dress would not have been something I would have picked out to wear if I was shopping on my own, but with a little gentle encouragement from Gemma and Laura (the bridesmaid in yellow & fellow uni friend) I was convinced to try it on, I’m glad I did, it was a flattering fit & definitely went well with the theme of bright colours. It was also ideal for me as I already had posh navy shoes I could wear with it & it gave me the perfect excuse to finish the navy wrap around cardigan I’d been knitting on & off since last May.

close up of clover lace pattern

The cardigan has been one of those projects I’ve been picking up & putting down again over the last year, I’ve knitted things in between, like my sisters Christmas Jumper & my Mum’s Birthday cardigan. However I do find knitting in 4ply a little tiresome at times, so I like to knit quick things (in a chunkier yarn) alongside fine & fiddly knits. So I was glad to have an excuse to push myself to get my cardigan finished. I must admit I did cut it a little fine, I was still knitting the end of the tie and sewing in ends on the drive to the wedding (leaving things to the very last minute seems to be a re-occurring theme for my knitting projects).

finished cardigan - lucky clover lace wrap

A few years ago when I first progressed from knitting scarves, hats and mittens I picked up the Stitch & Bitch Nation book in a sale. I really like the Clover Lace Wrap pattern & at the time thought there’s no way I could knit that, it’s in really fine yarn & has a lace pattern, urgh! However I have now finished it! It’s a lovely reminder that a little practice & perseverance you can achieve most things (even if it’s relatively small hurdle). As usual I made a few minor adjustments to the pattern, you can see the patterns and my notes on my ravelry page.

Thanks for reading, feel free to contact me if you are interested in custom made bunting.


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    Such fun, I have such creative friends. Thanks for the bunting Steph and for the cake Adam and Charlie Whitford it was yummy.



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    […] existing hand knits and found a navy lace cotton wrap cardigan I’d knitted to wear at yet another friends wedding about 5 years ago (YES there’s a definitely theme here). I haven’t worn the cardigan much since […]


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