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9 Jun

Back in the beginning of 2007, having graduated the previous year, started a new job and generally having had reality hit me in the face – for the first time ever my whole life wasn’t revolving around some form of education. With college & uni come the inevitable friends you make who have similar interests and I found myself not knowing many people in this city I’d decided was going to be my home. I had started knitting again while at university, having not done any since I was a small child. I’d enjoyed some very sociable evenings knitting & watching films with friends as poor students, so I decided to join a knitting group. Having failed to find a knitting group in Nottingham, I thought why not start one myself! So I did & in May of 2007 the first ever ‘Knit In Notts’ meeting happened at Lee Rosy’s tea on Tuesday the 29th May 2007.

For that first ever knit group I was so excited & nervous (being quite shy & convinced no one would turn up) I roped a few friends and colleagues into joining me for the first few weeks (so I wasn’t sat on my own) but soon word spread & I had new people coming along each week & those I’d coaxed to come along at the beginning were happily returning each week with no coaxing involved! Whoo, it was a success!

Original illustration by Nettynot for the launch of Knit in Notts in 2007

I’d put flyers & posters up in various places and soon I had loads of people coming. Here’s an illustration I created to use on the flyers – I wanted something simple, to the point & that could be printed in black & white (to keep the costs down). I was very pleased with how it turned out & once scanned into my computer I’ve used it for all Knit In Notts events and it has turned into a great little logo for us! One occasion it was used for was the posters & flyers for a whole week of events I set up for 2008’s national knitting week! Yes I may have gone overboard with an event every day of the week, however it was great fun to organise and we had loads of people get involved – it was wonderful. By far the most popular events were the knit & roast dinner as well as film & knit. You can see on the poster below all the events.
Knit in Notts presents National knitting week - a week of event from 2008

When I first started up the group I was keen to get everyone involved and did quite a few different events to encourage people to knit & shake off the notion that knitting is just for Grannies. Not long ago I used to get very strange looks while knitting on a train or in public, these days it doesn’t happen so much I know people talk about a resurgence in craft and from a personal level it is really noticeable & I think it’s great!

I have got so much out of knitting over the years I have learn so much from fellow knitters (& crochet-ers) than I could ever learn from books or YouTube. My knitting skills have improved loads (I’d never knitted a garment before starting the group) and now I’ve knitted all sorts of wonderful items. Woolly things aside I have gained confidence by making myself speak to new people and organise events. Most importantly to me I’ve made some great friends through knitting, friends I believe will be friends for life – all brought together through a love of knitting – isn’t that great!

We had a great little party last year to celebrate 5 years of knit in Notts with plenty of cake, knitting, silly games (including knitting themed pass the parcel) and wonderful people! Check out my knitting geek cakes I made for the occasion. You can also see a little video of the birthday cake moment on Knit Nottingham’s blog written by the lovely & brill Eleanor!

Knitting geek cupcakes made for Knit in Notts 5th Birthday by Nettynot

One knitting event that happens annually is World Wide Knit in Public Day (this year it’s a whole week) we’re organising a knitting picnic in the park this year. There are events happening all over the world, you can see if there’s an event near you on the official WWKIP website. We’re making it a casual affair, meeting in the Arboretum, for knitting, nibbling & nattering! Why not find out more here & join in the fun, even if you don’t knit, we’ll have plenty of spare yarn & needles, providing you with the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

We’re still meeting every week, in a new venue, The Broadway Cinema’s mezz bar & cafe where we have a little more space plus massive & wonderful windows which are always useful for more complicated knits! You can join us on facebook & join us for knitting every week!


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  1. Myrtle July 5, 2015 at 9:40 am #

    Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up tthe amazing effort.



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