Yarndale & Amy Singer

6 Oct


The past few weeks for me have been rather busy, the nice kind of busy, a big Family birthday, playing with friends kittens, local & national Knitting events.

The lovely owner of Knit Nottingham, Eleanor, organised a coach trip to Yarndale last Saturday, so 49 yarn enthusiasts headed up to Yorkshire to the first ever Yarndale event. I already had plans, so wasn’t able to go….or so I thought! It was also my Dad’s 60th Birthday, so all Family & friends descended on my Parents house for the weekend. However, thinking that I wasn’t able to make it to Yarndale I hadn’t paid too much attention to where it was & as I arrived home one of the first things my Mum & Dad asked me was did I know there was a ‘Yarn show’ on in Skipton that weekend….which is only 40min drive away, so off a pottered for a few hours!

Yarndale was held at Skipton’s Auction Mart, which I felt was rather appropriate, I arrived only a few hours after it opened & already the car park was full (fortunately I was just getting dropped off close by) & there were helpful signs telling you to follow the bunting to get to event – perfect start!
Bunting on the way to Yarndale

More advantages of a knitting show in an Auction Mart...you can bring animals like these very friendly Alpacas

More advantages of a knitting show in an Auction Mart…you can bring animals like these very friendly Alpacas

The wonderfully colourful work of Attic24's brilliant blog!

The wonderfully colourful work of Attic24’s brilliant blog!

Great artwork for Yarndale's knitting area set up in one of the Auction Mart's theatres

Great artwork for Yarndale’s knitting area set up in one of the Auction Mart’s theatres

Very cute Angora bunnies

Very cute Angora bunnies

I got the general impression that far more people attended the show than were expected, it was very busy, with long queues for the few catering areas. However there was a great atmosphere (not as claustrophobic as some much larger knitting shows can be), there were chill out areas, workshops & loads of stalls, so not a bad day out at all. I was very well restrained & kept mentally reminding myself of the size of my yarn stash at home and bought very little.

As well as organising a trip to Yarndale, Eleanor has organised several workshops and a talk by Amy Singer of Knitty.com (a rather brilliant free online knitting magazine) while Amy has been oven in the UK. On Thursday evening I attended ‘An evening with Amy Singer’ and the slightly croaking Amy (she’s picked up a British cold) chatted to us about how Knitty began, its contributors and its growing popularity and how just a few yarn enthusiasts blogs helped propel the magazine into the limelight. It’s quite a humbling story really and I personally loved finding out a little more about a website I’ve taken for granted for so many years.

There is one knitting pattern I have knitted many times from Knitty.com, Fetching, a lovely pair of hand warmers with some simple cable detail. This was an ideal project for me when I was trying to find a few projects to advance my skills without being overwhelmed. I have knitting several pairs now and they have made great gifts.

Fetching hand warms from Knitty.com - click image to be taken to the pattern!

Fetching hand warms from Knitty.com – click image to be taken to the pattern!

For a novice knitter you should never get put off my things being too hard. When Amy was asked about how the difficulty rating is set for patterns on Knitty, she had a great answer… that knitting isn’t difficult; it just has different concentration levels, which I thought was very apt. I regularly have a few projects on the go, one with low concentration for pub knitting & nattering, then a project that requires higher concentration for knitting at home with far fewer distractions.

I would highly recommend browsing around knitty.com. You can keep up to date with all of Eleanor’s knitting exploits, future workshops and events by following her blog & checking out Knit Nottingham’s website or facebook page.


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