Reminiscent Knitting

20 Oct

My most recent blog got me thinking about when I first started knitting and how I loved absorbing information about everything from patterns to yarn & techniques!
first knitting attempts
The first piece of knitting I did was when I was 7ish. Like many people I remember my Gran teaching me during the school holidays & she also gave me my first pair of knitting needles and I still have the piece of knitting. I had intended to knit a scarf – possibly for a teddy or doll, I don’t quite remember – so it shouldn’t have taken too long. Inevitably my young attention span didn’t last long and I got bored, for some reason instead of knitting one long piece to make a scarf I knitted several small squares that I ended up sewing together. The piece of knitting had no practical use at all, however I have kept it all these years, I just can’t bring myself to part with it.

I suspect I drove my Mum mad at the time as I kept forgetting how to cast on & off, but I dare say it all contributed to how easily I picked knitting back up over 10 years later. You can see by this photo – the finished piece wasn’t very big.
knitting with mug
The reason I had for knitting again is far from the usual ‘a friend was having a baby’ reason. During my Fine Art Degree I was working on a project about textures, having seen so many fantastic trees in the Californian national parks on a recent holiday, knitting and yarn were the perfect medium to re-create some of the wonderful surfaces. So I picked up some cheap knitting needles & yarn and started knitting again. Without my Gran or Mum on hand to help me cast on & refresh my memory I turned to the internet & re-taught myself with the help of you tube & a wonderful website, complete with videos. even back 8 years ago had great clips and straight forward information, now it’s a slightly glossier but it’s still just as great, with free basic videos as well as premium more technical paid video tutorials.


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