And relax – it’s Christmas!

21 Dec

For me the run up to Christmas is always more hectic than actual Christmas, organising, sourcing or making gifts as well as doing a few craft fairs and the wonderful amount of socialising that happens in the festive period it has been pretty much non-stop, until yesterday!

Late on Thursday evening I arrived ‘Home’ (I say home, however I have never actually lived here, home in this sense is where my parents live), in a lovely, although currently slightly soggy, Lake district for a weeks festive holiday. This is where my relaxation starts, I’m not great at doing nothing, but doing things with no deadlines is wonderful. My Mum had saved decorating the tree for me to do, which is always fun and she had also cut a few of holly branches ready to create a garland, something I’ve not done before.


I like a little challenge and I will happily try anything new so I decided to just get stuck in, in a very relaxed ‘let’s just see what happens’ manor. My results were far better than I anticipated, given that I just used a bit of garden wire to put it all together I think it looks pretty good (even if I do say so myself).

Garland mantel piece

To create it I found a couple of straight-ish larger branches, cut off the excess twiggy bits and wired 3 lengths together (just a few wraps around did the trick), then with all the smaller twiggy bits I placed them in a line along my branch (trying to get an even-ish spread of berries throughout) and starting from one end, I wrapped the wire around the branches and twigs until I reached the other end. Once I’d done this, I went back along and filled a few gaps by poking more twiggy bits into the wire and also trimmed off a few little bits that were sticking out too much – it really is that straight forward.

wiring the garland
mantel piece

The garland fitted perfectly along the mantel piece, I had enough holly left from a few small branches to create a small garland to decorate the dining table and all the left over bits I cut down to size and placed in a glass vase.

left over garland pieces

Quick, easy and very effective; all you need to make this is a few holly branches, secateurs and some wire, this took me about half an hour to create. So if have some holly or you’re out for a winter walk, why not keep your eyes peeled for some and create your own simple little garland.

Continuing in my week of relaxation, last night I took great delight in frogging a cardigan I knitted ages ago that I just don’t wear, the fit wasn’t great and I ran out of yarn for the sleeves, so my selfish knitting this Christmas is turning my once unloved cardigan into a cosy jumper, with the help of some additional new yarn, we’ll see what happens.

frogged cardigan yarn

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a lovely and relaxed Christmas.


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