New Year Catch Up

19 Jan

The New Year for me is usually a quiet period spent having a sort out in my craft room and catch up with some unfinished knitting and starting some new ideas off. In part that is true, however I have been far busier than usual at this time of year.

For Christmas I knitted my Mum a jumper, after she swooned over the jumper I knitted for my sister last year, so now they have matching jumpers.  I chose a different main colour more suitable for my Mum so as least they won’t look so daft if they happen to wear them on the same day.  However with all the crafting for fairs and gifts and not to mention the sociable side of the festive period I didn’t finish in time and my Mum received this for Christmas…

To be continued jumper

*Hangs head in shame* I was disappointed that I didn’t finish in time (I was probably a little over ambitious only starting it in November), however over Christmas day & Boxing day I managed to get it almost finished but still ended up returning home with needles still attached.

I have to admit Ravelry’s project function came into its own for my when it came to knitting this jumper. The pattern I knitted from was originally for a cardigan and when I knitted it last year I made a few adjustments and was very glad I had made notes on what I did differently. I still managed to go a little wrong on my adjusted sleeves, however that was down to me not paying attention to what I was doing. I knew I had to do a lot of increases on my sleeves, I had a guess which rows I’d need to increase on, however I was wrong and ran out of sleeve before doing all my increases. It definitely pays to do a few calculations before your start, which would have saved me a lot of time. However you do live & learn! It is now finished and is with my Mum, it is reported be very cosy & fits well. Phew!

Fair Isle top of jumper
In addition to finishing the jumper I had the pleasure of working with this stunning fabric, which my friend bought for curtains to go in her newly decorated lounge, I hope to write a little blog about her lounge – she gets stuck into all aspects of her decorating from flooring to lampshades and it is one of those lounges that actually looks like the beautiful home decor images you see all over Pinterest.

Jems Curtain Fabric
In a few weeks my Silversmithing course comes to an end and since the course is run by a college as opposed to privately run, I actually have had a bit of course work to do; I spent a Sunday afternoon putting together a sketchbook in preparation for a mini presentation, it took me right back to my college days, documenting my ideas, cutting and sticking bits together. However it was quite therapeutic and did help me finalise my ideas. I also had great fun gathering a few tips and technique ideas on a new Pinterest board, the novelty of Pinterest is yet to wear off – I still find it incredibly useful & not to mention addictive.

my sketchbook

Although I still have a few weeks to go before my course finishes I decided to indulge in a selfish project; ages ago I bought myself one of those very useful mini storage draws from IKEA, I had the intention of decorating it, in some way, but there always seemed to be other things that needed to be done so the draws have been sat naked in my craft room for over a year now…
IKEA mini draws
Watch out for a full blog on the results tomorrow.


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