A break from the routine

21 Jan

Almost a year ago my Boyfriend was bought a spa voucher for two as a birthday gift and it took us so long to get around to booking it, it almost expired! When we looked into the details for booking, it turned we could only use it on a weekday, eek! It turned out ok, we both managed to book the same day off and so yesterday we went to Sherwood Forest Center Parcs to go to the Aqua Sana for a relaxing swin and steam. I’m not very good at just sitting still and doing nothing, however in those hot and very quiet rooms it gave me time to think about all the projects I have brewing in my head, I’ve had a sewing project & several knitted items swirling around in there which I hope to make a reality in coming months.

Cheeky Squirrel munching a berry - Center Parcs Squirrels are definitely of the round bellied variety.

Cheeky Squirrel munching a berry – Center Parcs Squirrels are definitely of the very round bellied variety.

Since we were at Center Parcs it would have been rude not to visit the Pancake House, I was definitely ready for a pancake after a few hours in the spa, turning myself into a prune like creature and in need of re-hydrating with a big pot of tea. I was not disappointed, my Chocolate deluxe pancake was as epic as it looked, however the cookie monster pancake defeated Martin and he had to abandon the last bit in fear of death by pancake.


As we had the whole day to play with and nothing that we had to get home to, I thought why not visit somewhere we’ve never been before and since Newark was on a sign as you exit the park that’s where we headed. I must admit it wasn’t the most thrilling of places, just your average small town, but you never know unless you go exploring, we were only there a couple of hours so we obviously didn’t see everything. There were a couple of things that caught my eye.
Colourful doors
This seemingly innocuous street of houses all had different brightly coloured painted doors, which I particularly liked, especially from where I was stood right behind me was a lovely old church.

Newark church
The buttermarket building

We also came across a lovely building called the Buttermarket, a stunning old building with a cafe and a few shop inside (sadly most of the shops were vacant).
While pottering around I took the opportunity to pop into WH Smiths to pick up crafty Magazine. I have for the past few years subscribed to Making magazine, which when it was first published I loved and couldn’t wait to read it cover to cover, however after a couple of years I was struggling to find time to read, then before I knew it the next issue would arrive.  So I cancelled my subscription, with the intention of picking up a different magazine as and when I fancy, instead of committing to just one title. There are a lot more magazines aimed at a wider variety of crafts available now, which there weren’t when Making first came out, I have been thinking about reading other magazines but I hadn’t got around to investigating any new titles. However the author of a blog I follow, Mathilde heart Manech’s, recently blogged about being featured in crafty magazine, she’d written an article about crafty places in Skipton, a place I am only vaguely familiar with but it close to my Parents home, so I would definitely like to know a little more. I also discovered when reading Tilly and the Buttons round up of 2013 blog last weekend that Tilly also writes for crafty magazine, so the decision was made. So far for good & I was also pleased to see that one of my favourite knitwear designers Kate Davies is also featured in the mag along with her wonderful book , I shall continue my read later this evening.

Kate Davies & her lovely book Colours of Shetland

Kate Davies & her lovely book Colours of Shetland

I would highly recommend doing something out of routine and just seeing what happens, when we set off this morning we had no agenda further than going to the spa and grabbing lunch….where could a break in routine take you?


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