Friday Night is Film Night

24 Jan

But not tonight, next on our Cinema list is The Wolf of Wall Street, which with a running time of 180 minutes and having to get up for work tomorrow to teach a full day workshop I thought it best to reschedule our Friday night film viewing. So this evening as opposed to watching a film I thought I’d write short blog post about my love of film and my little cinema related secret.


I have no idea when my love of film started but I do love watching films, like many people, I particularly love going to the cinema. Watching films in the cinema is the only time a film will get my undivided attention. As a crafter when I watch a film on TV or DVD I will almost definitely be knitting, sewing, sketching or doing something crafty at the same time. It does make my viewing a film in a cinema a more involved experience (although I have to admit if the lights were on I would also be knitting in the cinema)!

I had a bit of a thing for collecting things when I was growing up and although I’m not so bad now (I’m sure others would disagree), one thing I have continued to collect (aka hoard) are my cinema tickets. I have kept all my cinema tickets from when I started regularly going to the cinema in my early teens – back in the late 90’s (except possibly for the odd one that ended up in the wash, stuck in the pocket of a pair of jeans). There’s something quite satisfying about having a flick thought my stash of tickets and thinking, ‘ah yes, I remember that one’, ‘oooh I’d like to see that one again’ or ‘I can’t believe I sat through that’. Here are just a few (ahem) tickets from the last couple of years.

Film Ticket collection

It ‘s a collection (or obsession) that at least doesn’t take up much space, my early tickets, I actually stuck in a small sketch book, however I soon got bored of gluing them in, so now they are all collected up in an old vintage tin.


What throw-away items do you keep & treasure I wonder?


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