Sunday Summary

26 Jan

Last Sunday, one week ago, I started writing a blog post, my first of the new year and a few weeks since my previous post. It took me a little while to back into the flow of writing, so I made a little promise to myself that I would write a little more regularly. Well that post quickly became very long so without wanting to bore people with my mammoth post I decided to split it in two, posting the second part on the following day.

I really enjoyed putting my blog posts together but I also started doubting whether I would keep up the momentum of blogging regularly. So I set myself a little personal challenge of writing a blog a day for a whole week. I purposely didn’t publicize the fact I was doing it as that just adds the pressure on, we’re all too good at putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves, and blogging is supposed to be enjoyable, I didn’t want it to feel like homework. However I have managed with relative ease to write a blog a day this being my eighth in a row! I suppose I did wonder mid week whether I would run out of interesting things to write about. However every day I create something or stumble upon something inspiring, so I surprised myself with the variety of content too.

Chip in a Basket

Today I also tried to convince Chip to sit in my handmade basket by placing one of her much loved cushions in it. Hee he – small steps!

Today inevitably I have been thinking about my little challenge to myself and whether it has been worth it and it most definitely has. I feel a little more confident in my writing, and hopefully won’t hesitate so much in future when I may not feel an idea of project it blog worthy and just go for it.

The icing on the cake for my this week was a message I received yesterday from my friend Lynsey,  a fellow blogger – The diary of a novice crafter.

Last Tuesday at Knit in Notts, Lynsey mentioned she’d read my latest posts so I went on to tell her about getting myself back into blogging, having not done it for a little while, by attempting a blog a day, she’d also being experiencing a lull in her blogging mojo. However that evening inspired by the discussions of new knitting projects and alike, Lynsey started writing and published a blog there and then, I was impressed with her speed and the fact she didn’t let distractions get the better of her (which I frequently do) and still kept up with the conversation. This is the message Lynsey sent to me yesterday “Hi Steph, you’ve probably noticed that I have stolen your idea of a blog a day. Just wanted to say Thank you because I am enjoying again….” You can read Lynsey’s blog here
I know it sounds cheesy and probably a bit clichéd to many an experienced blogger, but Lynsey’s message made it all worthwhile, having inspired a fellow blogger to also give themselves a little challenge.

Talking of cheese I off to demolish my slightly unconventional Sunday dinner - puff pastry tart! Mmm

Talking of cheese I off to demolish my slightly unconventional Sunday dinner – puff pastry tart! Mmm

How do you challenge yourself?


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