January in Film

2 Feb

One of the many reasons I had for writing a blog was for documenting some of my craft projects. I find it’s a great reminder of items I’ve made, my memory fails me sometimes, especially if I’ve made a gift and once it’s been given – out of sight, out of mind.  So documenting them for me works like a little creative online journal or sketchbook.

Similarly when I wrote a post recently about my love of film, I was flicking through my last year’s worth of cinema tickets and there were a lot of the films I had forgotten I’d watched. So I thought I would dedicate a post a month to the films I’ve seen.

The films I’ve seen at the cinema this month are…

My jan 14 in film

The secret life of Walter Mitty (top left)
Enjoyable, not quite as much action as anticipated, but still liked it with some great scenes, spectacular views and not overly cheesy!

American Hustle (top right)
Great hair, great clothes and fantastic performances – particularly from Jennifer Lawrence.
The term ‘Science Oven’ is now in regular use in our house!

12 Years A Slave (bottom left)
A truly harrowing story, more than a couple of times “I had something in my eye”. Very glad I saw this remarkable film in the cinema, however it is a film I will not choose to view again, I don’t think I could handle the heart ache.

August: Osage County (bottom right)
The film was good but not exactly enjoyable. I feel this in one of those films that was miss-advertised (purposefully) to lure in the viewers. However I must admit I was lured in by the fantastic cast and they didn’t disappoint – everyone was fantastic – but none of the characters were particularly likable which usually makes for less enjoyable viewing.

12 angry men

This week we also watched 12 Angry Men ( 1957) on DVD, a film my boyfriend watched when he was young and the memory of it stuck with him, so we watched it on DVD and I really enjoyed it. A great and intriguing story. I always find when I’m watching old films I can see where ideas have been lifted and used in more recent film, but it doesn’t take anything away from this original – definitely worth a watch.


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