May in Film

2 Jun

The films I’ve seen at the cinema this month are…

May in Film

Bad Neighbours (top)
Well this was unfortunately one of those films that suffered from over advertising, all the funniest moments from the film, I had already seen. But in general it was alright, I still chuckled a few times, I think I was expecting it to be more hilarious. My boyfriend and I did have the horrible sinking realisation while watching this film that we’re now the same age as the ‘old’ people in the film – gutted!

Godzilla (bottom)
This gave me pretty much what I expected, it was a little formulaic but a fine, not too taxing to watch, action block buster with some great scenes of city destruction and big reptilian creatures fighting (from someone who’s not a huge action block buster fan)! While watching it I did find myself wondering which parts of it would get turned into theme parts rides, the airport monorail has my bet.

This month I’ve also watched…
dvd may

The Royal Tenenbaums
Having loved Moon Rise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, I thought it was about time to catch up and watch The Royal Tenenbaums, especially since it has been highly recommended by several friends. I did enjoy it, I do wish I’d seen these film in the order they were made as I do feel Wes Andersons got better with each one. It did have the strange but lovely quirkiness balanced with a dollop of melancholia, which I come to expect and made it very watchable and unpredictable.

Your Sister’s Sister
This film has left me wondering ‘what the heck’! This films comes across quiet serene, the scenery defiantly helps, however I just found all the characters a bit ridiculous. Having said that there were a few moments I quite liked and were rather amusing.

How To Train Your Dragon
Sweet, funny, charming and it wasn’t overly sentimental! I loved the inventiveness of all the different dragon characters and thoroughly enjoyed it, I can’t wait for the second one now!



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