Knit in Public Week!

19 Jun

It’s World Wide knit in Public Day this week! Yes it does some a little confusing, I’m sure it used to just be a day but now it has taken over a whole week, but I’m not complaining!  Knit in Public day (or KIP for short) is a great excuse to get all your knitting friends together and take over somewhere public and embrace your hobby and ignore all those clever folk passing by who shout out “knock us up a jumper would you…I’ll be back in an hour…” if only!

Last year Knit in Public day!

Last year’s Knit in Public day!

For the past few years we, Knit in Notts combined with a fair few Knit Nottingham customers, have set up camp in Nottingham’s very nice Arboretum, off Waverly street, and had a picnic and the same will be happening this Sunday, June 22nd. So if you’re local to Nottingham why not join us, find out more here. If you’re not so local why not check out other KIP’s happening near you on the official website or their facebook page.

What will you be knitting in Public?

I’m going to be taking all 3 of my unfinished knitting projects with me….
My Brick Jumper, from a frogged cardigan – it’s been half knitted and re-knitted already and has been having a little hibernation.

Brick jumper - nettynot blog
 My mood scarf, I’ve got a little behind recently but I’ve been taking note of my mood colour each day so that it’ll still be a true mood scarf (actually a snood). It’s not too late to join in with the scarf along check out Jem Weston’s blog for the (loose) guide!

mood scarf along - nettynot blog
My latest project, toe up socks, started as a holiday project a few weeks ago. I wanted to challenge myself, so chose something I’ve not done before…magic cast on, heel shaping, stretchy bind off…. I’m also now a little bit in love with self striping yarn!

toe-up socks - nettynot blog


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