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5 Oct

I’m currently having a few days staying with my parents in the lovely Lake District (recharging my batteries), and I have inadvertently re-found my knitting Mojo. Not that I had lost it as such, it was just waning slightly. I haven’t finished a project in a while (except for some toe up socks) and I have several things I need to complete as well as many things I’d like to start. I have given myself a few targets to get things finished before I start other projects, which is sensible, but does dampen the knitting enthusiasm somewhat.

However yesterday I took the opportunity to visit Williams’ Wools in Kendal (even though I had no intention of buy anything). This cosy yet spacious and wonderful shop oozes yarn and inspiration. It’s a feast of colour and texture, with examples of many wonderfully constructed items to suit a whole host of customers.

Knitted item in Williams' Wool - Nettynot Blog

It also has one of the most fun and inventive shop window displays I’ve seen in a while, which happened to include several characters from my child hood. I’m a particular fan of Danger Mouse with a ‘Yarn Bomb’. I wasn’t able to fully capture a flying super ted and Dennis the Menace sat  knitting with Gnasher at his feet, not to mention a very well dressed Badger from wind in the willows and a charming Rupert the Bear.
of Williams' Wool - Nettynot BlogI knew immediately I was in great company, there were several examples of Kate Davies garments on display, including a wonderful version of Bláithín, for which I already have the pattern, it has been in my Ravelry queue since July 2012, but as yet I lack the yarn and courage to tackle what will be my most technically difficult knit. I took the opportunity to ask what yarn was used by the knitter and shop owner herself, she’d used Rowan Aran tweed.
Kate Davies Knits at Williams' Wools - Nettynot BlogI also shared my fear of steeking, something which has been scary topic of conversation at knit group lately. It turned out that Bláithín was only the lady’s second steeked project, the first being the Sheep carousel tea cosy, also by Kate Davies. This I thought was an excellent idea, having a smaller project, that you’re not so precious about to essentially have a practice with. Which is exactly what she had done – a very sensible lady! I have just bought the Sheep Carousel Pattern to do the very same. There are also several other techniques in this pattern I’m intrigued by so I feel it will be a very worthwhile exercise.
Sheep Carousel - Nettynot Blog

However adding yet another project into the mix doesn’t really help with the mounting pile of UFO’s not to mention the projects yet to be started. However I have now been inspired and regained my knitting drive!

A Plan!
Finishing my UFO’s!

  1. My Mood scarf knit along, has been abandoned for a while – I’m not looking forward to grafting the moss stitch ends of the cowl together.
  2. My Brick Jumper from a frogged cardigan. I feel out of love with this a bit, even thought I am enjoying knitting it and very much like the pattern I’ve incorporated. But there’s been a few trials and tribulations along the way.
  3. I have also started a simple ripple scarf using a lovely bright dk Noro yarn, which is my handy and easy project to take along to knit group if my current project isn’t suitable for pub knitting. This I don’t mind having as an on going UFO.
  4. Not so much an unfinished project but an un-started project is my Puffin jumper, by Kate Davies, which I have mentioned in previous blog posts. I love this and can’t wait to start, I have bought all the yarn, but told myself I had to finish my Brick jumper first.
    Top left, mood scarf, top right my Brick jumper, bottom left the Noro yarn for my ripple scarf and bottom right Kate Davies' Puffin Jumper.

    Top left, mood scarf, top right my Brick jumper, bottom left the Noro yarn for my ripple scarf and bottom right Kate Davies’ Puffin Jumper.

    So once this list has been tackled I will start on my Sheep Carousel tea cosy and my Bláithín, this alone will keep my momentum going, I’m quite sure!

    blaithin - Kate Davies

Although I didn’t get anything from Williams’ Wools it was well worth the visit for inspiration alone. Had I been in the market for buying anything yarn or knitting related I would have been spoilt for choice with a great range of yarn, knit pro needles (my favourite), buttons, books, patterns and every kind of gadget or accessories you can imagine. If you find yourself anywhere near Kendal I would highly recommend a visit! I will definitely be back next time I’m in this neck of the woods.


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    It was lovely to meet you too and I’m so pleased we inspired you in some small way.I hope you’ll post some pictures of your sheep carousel 🙂



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