Get it Done February!

1 Feb

I’ve been finding it a little too easy to procrastinate lately, so I have decided to take action and give myself some much needed focus. Inspired by the ladies of The Bead Shop’s bead group, who challenge themselves each February, previously they have made a pair of earrings every day of the month and the discussions leading up to today has centred around ‘finish something February’.  So I’m going to get something done every day in February too, not just the usual everyday sort of stuff like washing up or cleaning, but those things it’s so easy to put off. As every creative person knows, whether it’s knitting, sewing or jewellery making we all have unfinished projects, so I hope to get some of these tick off the never ending to do list as well as do some of those jobs and projects I’ve been making excuses about getting done!

Get it Done – Day 1
Since I was inspired by bead group I thought it only right to start with a jewellery project. I bought these lovely beads at The Big Bead Show last year and so far they have spent 4 months sat in a box hidden away! The larger round flattish beads are Eagle Eye, subtly iridescent, grey beads and the tiny ones are 3mm matte haematite beads.

Lovely Beads - Nettynot Blog Post Given that the beads are so lovely I didn’t want to over complicate things with a fancy pattern, so I went for a simple strung necklace and I had enough beads, so I also made a matching bracelet and earrings! And all in an hours work!
Jewellery Set - Nettynot BlogI realise I’m bias, working at a bead shop, but making your own jewellery is so rewarding and can be so much more affordable too, even when you buy quality beads! I hope to get a bit more jewellery made and finished this month, so watch this space!


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