Completed Brick Jumper

6 Feb

Anyone who follows my blog (or part of Knit in Notts) will know that I have had a Jumper in the making for over a year now. It was started at Christmas time in 2013, created from an old frogged cardigan that just hadn’t quite worked (odd shape and lack of yarn meant it had strange short sleeves) so I re-thought the whole thing, decided to make a jumper instead and add in stripes to make the yarn go further. I have had a few pitfalls along the way…

frogged cardigan yarnThe first mention of the jumper, based on a pattern called Brick on Ravelry, was back in January last year where having started the jumper which I’d decided to knit with a lovely deep red colour just looked too Christmasy, so I ripped it back and decided to knit it with cream instead.
Beginning of Brick Jumper 2I got well on the way with the jumper and soon discovered that as I had introduced a little fairisle into my stripes I had made the overall jumper a bit too sung around the arm pits, so I ripped it back again so that I could add a few more rows and increases before separating the sleeves and body. This is why I LOVE knitting top down jumpers in the round, I can try it on as I go and rectify my mistakes before I go too far. Although the problem was easy to rectify, I was a little fed up  having already ripped it back twice, the Jumper was hibernate for several months. It gave me a chance to finish my colour affection shawl.
Brick Jumper - Nettynot Blog

Back to the jumper – I was close finishing the body and tried it on and decided I really didn’t like my choice of stripes, looking back I’m not sure why I’d decided to do stripes just at the top – I think because I was only adding in the cream stripes to make  the grey yarn go further I got a bit hung up on the idea, so with a big sigh I ripped it back for a third time and reintroduced the stripes down the whole of the body.

I continued on and knitted the sleeves, which always seem to take an age, with just 3 more cream stripes to go I completely ran out of yarn, (after a trip back to Knit Nottingham) I completed the sleeves, then I picked up 100 stitches around the neck and finished the neckband – Just blocking and I was done! Or so I thought… After trying on the jumper to ensure it fitted well I discovered it was a bit short, eeek! I also decided rather than adding more ribbing, it would be far more effective to add another two stripes. So I ripped back the ribbed edge, all 25 rows of it, added two more stripes and then ribbed the waist band, again!
Finished Brick Jumper - Nettynot Blog

Despite my trials and tribulations I have actually enjoyed the knitting of this jumper. I had purposely search for a simple jumper pattern so I had a starting point. Brick provided just that, I knew I’d have several alterations to do as I usually have extra waist shaping to accommodate my wider hips but I hadn’t quite anticipated how much adding a relatively simple bit of fairisle would alter the fabric of my knitting, so it has been quite a useful learning curve. I can’t help but thing that had I planned a little better I could have avoided several of my pitfalls, however that’s not really my style I tend to just throw myself into these things and learn and adjust as I go – knitting can thankfully be rather forgiving with this approach.
Me in My Jumper - Nettynot BlogNot the best photo I know – but it does show off the good fit & it is so cosy!


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