Get it Done February – part 2

8 Feb

I’ve had a whole week of getting things done and it’s making a difference, it’s amazing what doing one small thing a day can achieve.

Get it Done – Day 2
I have gained many lovely embroideries all created by my very talented Gran. One in particular was destined for my bedroom wall. I really like the texture of the piece, it’s almost sculptural, with stitching into card and fabric. I had the perfect spot in mind yet it’s been waiting patiently down the side of my dresser for over a year for me to get it done.
Embroidery wall hangingI thought some command hooks and got it done! I thought the wavy structure would balance nicely with my vertically striped matte and metallic wall paper above my bed, and I think it looks great up, much better on the wall than on the floor!

Get it Done – Day 3
Getting started! I have been mentioning Kate Davies’ Bláithín pattern many times at knit group and here, on my blog, having got over the fear (well almost) of steeking with the sheep carousel tea cosy, I feel mentally prepared so then I just needed to get practically prepared. Balling up my lovely new yarn! I must admit I had some help here, the lovely Jem Weston & Eleanor Burke both voluntarily balled a skein for me too!
Balling YarnGet it Done – Day 4
A slightly boring one, I changed some light bulbs, this might seem a simple everyday sort of a task, however some of the bulbs in my kitchen are not your everyday sort and I have been meaning to take a dead one with me shopping to get some replacements (2 out of 4 have not worked for over a year). I eventually did it. My Kitchen is illuminated again!
Light Bulbs

Get it Done – Day 5
I cast on Bláithín – no procrastination for this project! I knitted my tension square (I want to get this project right since it will be my most expensive project to date) and cast on really to get going!

Get it Done – Day 6
Nottingham Light Night! This is an annual event that happens in Nottingham every year, which for one reason or another I have never been to. For quite some time I’ve wanted to make the most of what’s on my door step, so to speak, there’s often many events on in Nottingham, but I rarely go. I’m so glad I made it this one. I went with a few friends and although we didn’t get to see all of the events and experiences happening what we did see was pretty good.

Light NightWe didn’t make it on to the Big Wheel, maybe an experience for another evening.

Get it Done – Day 7
I’m pretty good at accumulating magazines and catalogues that I really don’t need to hang on to, so I decided to ruthlessly obliterate the pile! Rather than hanging on to the whole magazine for the sake of one project or article I just pulled out what I wanted and recycled the rest – this relatively trivial act made me feel pretty good and made my lounge seems  a lot less cluttered.
Magazine clear out

Get it Done – Day 8
Another seemingly minor task, I adjusted the one of my shelves in my kitchen cupboard. This has been one of those things that whenever I get anything out of the top of this cupboard I’ve thought I really ought to move the shelf down but was always in the middle of something when the idea struck. There was plenty of unused space on the bottom shelf, but whenever I got out a mixing bowl or jug I had to remove the whole pile to get at them.
Cupboard adjustmentIt’s daft that I hadn’t already done this. Another great reason why my getting something done every day is worth doing! So far so good, I do wonder whether I’ll run out of things by the end of the month.


3 Responses to “Get it Done February – part 2”

  1. swantori February 9, 2015 at 5:49 pm #

    New things to do always seem to pop up afterwards – I don’t think you have to worry! 😀


    • nettynot February 9, 2015 at 6:58 pm #

      You’re definately right, I’ve already thought of several more things! 🙂
      Thanks for the encoragement!



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