Knitting in the bag!

20 May

For a while now I’ve had the idea of creating my own knitting bag, with ‘Knit in Notts’ on and had intended to turn a drawing I did back when I set up the group into a printable logo. However my original drawing was a bit tiny (drawn on A5) and didn’t scan very well. I thought it’ll fine I’ll draw it again, however my heart really wasn’t in it, I knew it would be the same. But it gave me the perfect excuse to create something new!

Knit in Notts - design development - nettynot blogUsing inspiration from the original, I wanted to draw lots of knitting – it was very therapeutic doodling hundreds of knitted stitches (even if I have been told I’m mad). I then sketched “knit in Notts” and with the help of Photoshop I layered the two together and I had my design.  I started wondered whether anyone else at knitting would like a bag too, so I asked around at the group and got immediate yes’ (whooh!) Everyone at knit group loves a bit of teal, we often joke it’s the official Knit group colour – so colour choice was an easy one. Here is the result!!!

Knit in Notts - Knitting bag - Nettynot BlogI’m very happy and proud to carry my Knit in Notts bag around with me and I’m pleased to say they went down very well an knitting last night.

Our lovely social knitting group is almost 8 years old (29th May to be precise)! This is somewhat of a big deal to me. 8 years ago I was a bright eyed, eager, shy and rather anxious 22 year old. Setting up this knitting group was a hurdle I purposely challenged myself with, I would be putting myself into situations I would ordinarily avoid – meeting new people – eek! I’m sure many knitters I’ve met through the group in recent years wouldn’t have any idea of what a nervous wreck I was back at the start. I’ve gained a huge amount of confidence through putting myself out there, so to speak, and wanting the group to be a success, has made me engage people in conversation, which may seem like an everyday easy task but it wasn’t for me, it now comes quite naturally to me. I can’t credit setting Knit in Notts up entirely for the relatively anxiety free, sociable being that I am now. However a lot of contributing factors relate back to it in some way or another, whether it’s through the friends I’ve made or the confidence I’ve gained which in turn translates through into other aspects of my life. Having that social constant in my life is wonderful, not to mention sharing the love of knitting.

I written blog posts about knitting and the group before, so rather than repeating myself (and save some of you from having to read it again) you can see them here  I also wrote some tips for beginner knitters here

My bags are available to buy locally, in Nottingham, from Eleanor at Knit Nottingham. If you’re interested in purchasing one, but live further afield feel free to get in contact.
Update – they’re also available from the Knit Nottingham website here!

Thanks for reading!

All drawing and designs in this post are original and my own. Please do not copy or reproduce them.
Copyright – Steph Gibbs (Nettynot) 2015.


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  1. Behind the Scenes | - May 24, 2015

    […] May has been such a busy month for me! I’ve had no time at all for selfish knitting and haven’t made it to knit group for a while. I’m really looking forward to catching up with some knitty friends at the weekend, and collecting my lovely Knit in Notts bag! […]


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