Yarndale 2015

4 Oct

Last weekend, was a great weekend, spent with lovely friends and friendly strangers at Yarndale – what I believe to be the best yarn event/festival I’ve been to. Admittedly I’ve not been to them all (yet!) but Yarndale is a high bench mark. I wish I had taken more photos, but at least these capture some of the colour and variety on show.

Yarndale 2015 - Nettynot BlogYarndale Mandalas - Nettynot BlogI wanted to go this year anyway after missing it last year, but when my friend Jem Weston, had her stall confirmed she asked me if I’d be able to help out and I was very happy to do so. This was Jem’s first solo event and she did incredibly well, I’m sure anyone who saw her stand would agree – her staging and attention to details was great, there’s more photos of her lovely work over on her blog.

Jem Weston's Yarndale Stand - Nettynot BlogWhat I enjoyed most about the whole weekend was just how lovely and friendly everyone was, from consumers to other stall holders and the organisers. I’ve not chatted to so many different people in one weekend before – it was fantastic! It was also a joy to see so many people wearing their wonderful creations and I was very flattered by the many compliments I got on both my Hedgehog Jumper and my colour affection shawl and how many of those people were impressed to discover the jumper was my first 4ply, first fairisle garment that I also adapted (originally Kate Davies Paper Dolls) and (don’t get me wrong, it’s far from perfect, with visible jogs up the sleeves and a slightly too tight neckline – but I love it and I’m rather proud of it).

I set out with a goal for Yarndale – a new challenge – I haven’t really knitted much lace before, I have knitted the odd pattern with a little bit of lace involved, like the clover lace wrap cardigan, but I wanted the challenge of a complicated lace pattern with different elements – I thought a shawl would be a great place to start. I tend to wear shawls more like a scarf, wrapped around my neck, rather than over my shoulders, so I knew I wanted a long thin shape rather than a triangular one. I found a lovely pattern on the Sylvan Tiger Yarns stall called Anisoptera by Petitchoufleur knits, in my desired shape and incorporates 3 stacking lace patterns – definitely a challenge for me! I searched for some lace weight yarn and narrowed it down to a few but it actually came down to colour, I decided on a jade green colour and the best match for that was on the John Arbon Textiles stall and I got 2 skeins (I’d hate to run out and it was only £5) of organically farmed Merino lace weight yarn in what’s called Teal Blue, which in reality I think is the perfect green jade colour. I think this may have to be a pattern that’s done alongside something a little more straight forward as I don’t fancy my chances of it going very well if I take it to Knit in Notts with me.
Future knitting project - Nettynot BlogBeing surrounded by yarn has done me the world of good I’m feeling very motivated to get knitting again, and since Yarndale I have knitted one of Jem’s Lazy Lace Cowls, the pattern and yarn was a  present from Jem for helping her out at on her stand and it was a delight to knit. Being able to knit an entire item in less than a week (albeit a small item) was much needed after my last (slightly frustrated) blog post about things not going to plan. Jem chose colours she knew I’d like – my finished cowl will go very well with my beloved handbag and be a good contrast with my grey winter coat, I just need to sew in the ends and give it a little press.

Finished Lazy Lace Cowl - Nettynot BlogNow to get stuck back into finishing my other projects. I tried to rescue my cross pockets cardigan by blocking the outer pockets, which unfortunately wasn’t successful (but worth a try) however I have accepted the fact that the bottom of the cardigan will have to be ripped back and re-knitted. While I was blocking the cross pockets I did re-start my Blaithin so at least I’m a little bit further on with that now too! PROGRESS at last!

Thanks for reading!


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