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Patterns Everywhere : Barcelona part 3

5 Nov

Palau de la Música Catalana

We popped in to this wonderful building for a bite to eat and a drink and were so impressed by the entrance and small section we saw ,and I really wanted to see the stained glass ceiling in real life, that we booked a tour for the following day. I must admit I know very little about music halls and they’re not somewhere I’ve ever spend much time. However I do have an appreciation for amazing buildings and this really way spectacular.


One thing leads to many others…

9 Aug

Ever since I did a textiles project at school based on the 60’s & 70’s I’ve been quite taken by the designs and colours of the 60’s in particular. I love the flamboyance, a decade of style over substance, that created many things that had never been seen before.
I have many books on this era and loved flicking through them, you really get a sense of inventiveness, excitement & fun from the decade. This period has influenced me in many small ways from the clothes I wore as a teen, the car I drove and some of the items I now have in my home.

Summer of Love Postcard - Nettynot Blog

My love of the 60’s inspired a birthday trip I took with my Mum for my 21st (12 years ago). We went to Tate Liverpool to see the Summer of Love – Art of the Psychedelic Era exhibition (we drove from Worcester at the time – approx 120 miles – just to illustrate the passion). It is probably the best exhibition I have ever been to, all these amazing things I had only seen in books I saw in real life. Most notable was Verner Panton‘s furniture landscape, Visiona II (below), definitely more of an art installation than furniture, but still fantastic as well as Janis Joplin’s restored Porsche.

Verner Paton - Visona II 1970 - Nettynot Blog

It’s the furniture and patternsin particular that stand out when I flick though retrospective books from this era and I’d love to own a Globe chair one day, however impractical they are. I have seen many version of these chairs and similar in museums (York Castle museum springs to mind).

1960s chairs - Nettynot Blog post

Many chairs that come up for sale are either affordable but a shabby mess or pristine and way too expensive. However while in Liverpool, at the Albert Docks my Mum and I had a wander around and came across a rather nice looking furniture shop (sadly no longer there) which had a whole range of lovely new retro inspired furniture. We spent a while in there and came away having bought a lovely chair from the range for my Birthday. Very much in the essence of 1960’s style, I still have the chair and it is still very comfortable!

My 60s style chair - Nettynot Blog

The chair is rather striking but sits in fairly colourless/muted corner of my louge, even with my 1950’s atomic magazine rack, I did have a large square cushion with bold Sanderson Dandelion Clocks fabric that matched the curtains I made but it just felt wrong having a square cushion on a round chair.

Sanderson dandelion Clocks fabric.jpg

The rest of my decor in my lounge has reds and grey – all taken from the colour pallett of this fabric. It’s taken me many years to get around to it, but I have eventually created a suitable cushion for this chair.

My 60s chair with round cushion - Nettynot Blog

I had intended to just write short introduction about the chair and the the main focus of this post to be about the cushion, however I started getting all enthusiastic and inspired so I going to write a whole separate post about my cushion.

It has been nice to remind myself of the things that have inspired and influence me over the years even if they aren’t such prominent influences now.

Thanks for reading!

3 years of blogging and a little treat!

18 Jul

According to a little notification that popped up from WordPress it’s my 3rd anniversary of blogging!
Whooh, it has made me ponder about what my blog means to me!

I started the blog as a way of keeping track of things I’ve made, days pottering out n about and a way of sharing what I’m up to. Although I have been a little quiet on the blog lately, it never means I’m not doing anything creative, it usually means the boring bits of life have got in the way! I have several projects on the go. As an avid knitter, there is always 1 if not 2 or 3 knitting project on needles at all times. I’m surrounded by beads at work all day, which inevitably sparks new ideas so I’ll be playing with beads in the evening trying things out. I’ve also got back into dress making recently, however spending an evening tracing and cutting out a pattern doesn’t make for enthralling reading. Once one of these many projects in the pipe line is complete I can assure you there will be more blog posts to follow.

My recent fabric purchases, ready for some dress making!

My recent fabric purchases, ready for some dress making!

I have terrible habbit of spending far too much time on pinterest (which I know many creative’s can relate to), it is great (don’t get me wrong – I love it ) but I am staring to resent it a little too, I get overwhelmed some time by the the new ideas it sparks. Before social media if I had an idea for something to make, I would usually just get stuck right in and if I needed inspiration or needed to know more about a technique I’d consult a book, now I head to the internet and before I know it an hour has gone and I have a million more ideas rattling around in my head. For example, I am about to start sewing the Lilou dress from Tilly and the Buttons ‘Love at First Stitch’ book (the toile is already cut out waiting). So I thought I’d have a look at a few finished examples on Pinterest and read a few blog posts to see if there’s any useful tips. I find it helpful to see other people results and see whether they made any alterations, but I also got sucked in, before I knew it I found another dress making pattern for a vintage style skirt I want to make, I rearranged some of my pinterest boards and created a new ‘to do list’ board – eeek!! That’s valuable creative time gone!! I need to get more disciplined!

I’ve gone slightly off tangent. Other things I love about my blog is that it keeps me connected to friends and family I don’t see very often. My Mum reads my blog (thanks Mum) as does my sister (providing I put an update on facebook – thanks Jo). I got a warm fuzzy feeling when chatting to an old uni friend about something I made and she said, “Is that the one I saw on your blog” (Thanks Mariam)!  That’s not to mention the complete strangers who comment on posts with compliments and feedback – I don’t want to sound all cheesy but it is just like having an extended collection of supportive friends (thanks everyone).

Hebden Bridge - Black Pit Lock, Rochdale Canal.

Hebden Bridge – Black Pit Lock, Rochdale Canal.

Another reason I started writing a blog was as a result of being inspired my other peoples blogs, I often just dip in and out of blogs, but some I read regularly just because they’re a joy to read. I recently took myself off to Hebden Bridge for the day (a detour on route to the Lake District), partly having read lovely posts about it over on the Mathilde heart Manech blog. I love reading what Lisa’s has to say, it’s so well written and cheerful. Another elegantly written blog is Modflowers, I’d love to be just half as eloquent as this colourfully vintage slice of the web is.

Tea and lovely cake at Mooch cafe Hebden Bridge.

Tea and lovely cake at Mooch cafe Hebden Bridge.

I must admit I get self conscious about my writing, especially when comparing myself to others (which I know one shouldn’t). I’ve re-read old posts of mine (that I had checked at the time) but see glaringly obvious typos and blunders and cringe. I am dyslesic dysleix dyslexic (It has always frustrated me that this word is so hard to spell!) It struggled in school, but I muddled through, and doing Fine Art at university meant there wasn’t quite so much emphasis on written work, which was a relief at the time. But I never thought I’d be writing for fun and enjoying it. It’s so much easier to write about something you’re passionate about, it all comes so easily. I probably have a lot more convoluted way of writing than most (I’m assume), I write a long (rambly) draft in word, leave it a while (ideally a day) heavily edit it, leave it again and then edit all the typos and incorrect words then post and hope for the best. I would love to know if all the amazing writers are so good that they confidently write straight to their blog with just a cursory glance to check it over, or whether they deliberate, check and re-check their work too.

As much as I doubt my writing abilities and wonder whether I’m driving people mad with my far from perfect text, I do feel I’m getting better and that can’t be a bad thing – here is to improving my  English at age 30! I guess you’re never too old to learn or improve!

One think I’ve being trying to do lately is make my posts more concise – I know not everyone has time to read essays – oops! Well I can’t win them all, that’s a future challenge to overcome.

If you’re still reading now, thank you and as a treat I thought I’d share recipe with you! My Gran used to make this when my sister and I visited, it was always in a shallow baking tray covered with a layer of melted chocolate. It became a firm favourite and my Mum used to make batches of it for our birthday parties too. It’s now my go to quick and easy treat to make when going to friends and it always goes down well, I made this batch early to day ahead of games night this evening.
Rice crispie cakes - Nettynot BlogRice Crispy Cakes – Equal quantities of Marshmallows, toffee and butter (I do 200g for a party & 100g for a small gathering). Melt in a large pan, take off the heat and pour in rice crispies; pour in a bit at a time mixing well until it’s less gloopy and fairly consistence. Tip into a large tray press down firmly, leave to set and then cut it up – SO easy and very tasty.

Thanks for reading!
Steph X

Sunday Summary

26 Jan

Last Sunday, one week ago, I started writing a blog post, my first of the new year and a few weeks since my previous post. It took me a little while to back into the flow of writing, so I made a little promise to myself that I would write a little more regularly. Well that post quickly became very long so without wanting to bore people with my mammoth post I decided to split it in two, posting the second part on the following day.

I really enjoyed putting my blog posts together but I also started doubting whether I would keep up the momentum of blogging regularly. So I set myself a little personal challenge of writing a blog a day for a whole week. I purposely didn’t publicize the fact I was doing it as that just adds the pressure on, we’re all too good at putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves, and blogging is supposed to be enjoyable, I didn’t want it to feel like homework. However I have managed with relative ease to write a blog a day this being my eighth in a row! I suppose I did wonder mid week whether I would run out of interesting things to write about. However every day I create something or stumble upon something inspiring, so I surprised myself with the variety of content too.

Chip in a Basket

Today I also tried to convince Chip to sit in my handmade basket by placing one of her much loved cushions in it. Hee he – small steps!

Today inevitably I have been thinking about my little challenge to myself and whether it has been worth it and it most definitely has. I feel a little more confident in my writing, and hopefully won’t hesitate so much in future when I may not feel an idea of project it blog worthy and just go for it.

The icing on the cake for my this week was a message I received yesterday from my friend Lynsey,  a fellow blogger – The diary of a novice crafter.

Last Tuesday at Knit in Notts, Lynsey mentioned she’d read my latest posts so I went on to tell her about getting myself back into blogging, having not done it for a little while, by attempting a blog a day, she’d also being experiencing a lull in her blogging mojo. However that evening inspired by the discussions of new knitting projects and alike, Lynsey started writing and published a blog there and then, I was impressed with her speed and the fact she didn’t let distractions get the better of her (which I frequently do) and still kept up with the conversation. This is the message Lynsey sent to me yesterday “Hi Steph, you’ve probably noticed that I have stolen your idea of a blog a day. Just wanted to say Thank you because I am enjoying again….” You can read Lynsey’s blog here thediaryofanovicecrafter.blogspot.co.uk.
I know it sounds cheesy and probably a bit clichéd to many an experienced blogger, but Lynsey’s message made it all worthwhile, having inspired a fellow blogger to also give themselves a little challenge.

Talking of cheese I off to demolish my slightly unconventional Sunday dinner - puff pastry tart! Mmm

Talking of cheese I off to demolish my slightly unconventional Sunday dinner – puff pastry tart! Mmm

How do you challenge yourself?

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