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Mosaics : a new challenge

10 Feb

I’ve always liked mosaics, the more inventive and colourful the better. I dream of having loads of colourful mosaics in my garden and took a lot of inspiration from my trip to Barcelona back in October.

My trip also made me just get on a book a workshop I had been pondering doing for some time, so the same day I got back from my holiday I booked a workshop with Lily Mosaics & attended a day later!

It was a lovely relaxed day, I loved picking out colours and seeing all the different mosaic bits n bobs on offer to work with. I went with the intention of making a small plaque of an owl/bird, that I might have hung in my bathroom, but then on a whim started creating a bold geometric design on a small tray.

It is quite a time consuming activity, (well it is when you do something far from simple as a beginner), I found it very relaxing cutting and playing around with different pieces. I got most of my larger motifs done in the workshop and then took a few spare bits to continue at home. I had already acquired several mosaic tiles myself and I ended up incorporating several of these into my patterns at home, as my design evolved.

I had originally planned to do a grey background, however a went for a lighter white, as I thought it’d make the colourful tiles standout more and match the already white tray.

I rather like my finish tray and found the grouting less arduous than I expected, though some of the really tiny pieces I used were a pain in the bum (lesson learnt).

mosaic tray - nettynot blog

mosaic tray close up - nettynot blog

I have since covered a simple picture frame, I’m not a huge fan of the finished result, I didn’t think enough about the edge where the tiles meet, but it looks alright in situ and still an improvement on the boring pine (fortunately I’m not too much of a perfectionist)!

I also made a set of Rennie Macintosh inspired coasters for part of my parents Christmas present. I really enjoyed making them. It was one of those rare occasions where the idea in my head worked out exactly as I imagined!

macintosh ungrouted - nettynot blog
macintosh grouted coasters - nettynot blog
The only thing I’ve not figured out, is what’s the best way to seal them, I didn’t want to make the lovely matte tiles shiny, but equally don’t want them to end up tea stained. I gifted them as they are, but keep meaning to do further research, does anyone what any suggestions?


I’m eager to do more now & started collecting ideas on a mosaic & garden board on Pinterest. Just need some warmer drier weather now.

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23 May

I have collected over the past few years several tins with the intention of decorating them to make attractive storage in my little craft room. I had thought I would do some sort of collage, but I just haven’t got around to in. So the tins have been used to store various crafting paraphernalia in their naked state for a long time, (8 years in the case of the cigar tin – a great sized tin I acquired while working in a pub as a student).

Making - tins makeover

A week or so ago I saw my friend, Emma’s blog post ‘Decorated Tin Cans’ and immediately thought of my sorry looking tins and it inspired me to give them the makeover they’ve been waiting for!

I read Emma’s blog post and acquired the appropriate supplies and last weekend gave my tins a good spraying. I must admit I’m not very good at the slow and steady approach of spraying at a sensible distance, I went for a faster and too close approach, so my tins are a little blotchy and bubbly in places but absolutely fine for my purpose (I would recommend going for the former approach if you have a go yourself).

Painting first coat - Nettynot Blog
I did have to give them two more light sprayings to completely cover them, particularly with the text on the cigar.

painted tins - Nettynot Blog

What I really liked about this little project was it gave me an excuse to buy some Washi tape, something until now I have somehow avoided. I love it, I found it very satisfying to use as it’s so easy and gives instant neat results.

Finished four Tins - Nettynot Blog

And they’re done! I’m really please with the end results (don’t look too closely) I think the tins look pretty good in their new clothes! Thanks Emma for the inspiration.

You can read Emma’s blog post here and visit her lovely website here!
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