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Puffin Jumper

17 May

It’s been quite a while since I cast on my Puffin jumper (by Kate Davies – from Colours of Shetland), in fact it was on the train to Edinburgh for The Edinburgh Yarn Festive in 2016 and I finished it several months ago in February, in time to wear on holiday to Edinburgh (though not to EYF this time).

Puffin Sweater by Kate Davies

Chevrons - Puffin - nettynot blog

I’ve probably already worn my puffin jumper more times than several of my other hand knitted garments, I love it. Though I did have a few issues to sort out along the way.

almost done - short sleeves - nettynot blog
Mostly the sleeve length, I have knitted Kate Davies patterns before and never had an issue with sleeves and neither did I think she had particularly short arms when I met her at EYF last year. However I knitted my sleeves to the required 42cm (needs checking) and joined them into my body to knit the yoke fully trusting that all will be fine. However once I was finished and tried on the jumper my sleeves were way too short. 

So I had a little breather from it, knitted some mitts and a hat and then came back to it. I decided since I was going to have to rip back my sleeves anyway that I might as well add some extra detail so I incorporated some of the colourful chevrons to the sleeves too, just 1 pattern repeat. I added a total of 7cm on to my overall sleeve length, however I could really could have done with 1cm more, as the chevrons take up some length, however that’s down to my personal preference as the sleeves don’t actually look short. That said I am very pleased with my finished jumper and I’m sure it will remain a firm favourite.

Puffin jumper blocking - nettynot blog

me in puffin jumper - nettynot blog
I obviously miss-calculated something when I bought the yarn as I have more that enough yarn left to knit the entire jumper again and having used truly rich wool (sock yarn really) it was a complete bargain to knit! Which in my eye is a bit of a bonus and means I have enough yarn to knit something else.

You can see my Puffin jumper project on Ravelry here!
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Knitting Discipline

22 Jan

Having finished my Mum’s Christmas Jumper I can now return to my previous project that has been in hibernation since the beginning of Nov. I am about 95% through knitting the colour affection shawl, it really is a labour of love and it was an ideal project to knit over late summer last year as it wasn’t too bulky, I even took it on Holiday to France with me. However I am only 5cm away from finishing it but it it sooooo long now (approximately 450 stitch on each row) it is feeling like a never ending project.

Colour affection shawl - almost complete

Almost finished Colour Affection Shawl

So at Knit in Notts last night I had great fun discussing what my next project will be, to help spur me on to finish. I have a few things I would like to do, having just finished a jumper which I couldn’t keep, I’d quite like to knit a selfish jumper, and I have been intending to knit Kate Davies Puffin jumper from her wonderful book Colours of Shetland.

Kate Davies Stunning Design

Kate Davies Stunning Design

I have even already selected the colours in my local yarn shop, Knit Nottingham. I just need to go pick up the yarn now. However I don’t think I can bring myself to cast on another 4ply project just yet.

My colour Combination, navy being the main boby colour.

My colour Combination, navy being the main body colour.

So my interim project is something knitted in a thicker double knit yarn that I actually started over Christmas. I frogged a cardigan I knitted years ago, that I just don’t wear the shape wasn’t great on me. The yarn was lovely Rowan silky tweed, so worth turning into something else. I only had 6 skeins (8 would have been ideal) so I bought two extra balls of yarn in another colour with the intention of knitting a jumper with some stripes, to help the yarn go further.

frogged cardigan yarn
I selected a dark red to go with the charcoal grey tweedy yarn, however I soon realised  when I began adding the stripes the red was an error, I was probably influenced a little too heavily by the festive season as the jumper was just screaming CHRISTMAS and I didn’t want to be restricted by when I could sensibly wear it (without felling a little silly). So I opted for using the left over cream yarn from my Mum’s jumper instead. I’m sure my family thought I was mad, having witnessed me frog a cardigan followed two days later by the beginnings of a new jumper. However if you know it’s not right or that you won’t wear it it’s best to make the decision quickly and get going again straight away. Which I did, though I didn’t get very far, but at least I got it started & that’s the important thing.

Beginning of Brick Jumper 2

I am following a lovely simple Brick jumper pattern  by Clare Lee, which is a free download on ravelry.

Clare's lovely simple, round neck, Raglan sleeved, top down jumper.

Clare’s lovely simple, round neck, Raglan sleeved, top down jumper.

I am going to add stripes around the top and possibly on the sleeves, with a little touch of fair isle, this is a doodle of the pattern, it should give a slight wavy effect  on the stripe and with having an extra row of alternate coloured stitches all the way across, it will hopefully soften the edge of the stripes.

Gotta love squared paper of knitting doodles & plotting.

Gotta love squared paper of knitting doodles & plotting.

However I am having to be disciplined and not dive straight into knitting the  jumper even though I’m itching to do so (especially since it is already cast on), I AM going to finished the my colour affection shawl first. Watch this space…


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