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Sew Organised

25 Jul

I’d been thinking for a while that I needed a better way to store my sewing scissors and related paraphernalia (isn’t that such a lovely word). I’m constantly moving everything on and off my table and it all ends up piled up in a bit if a jumble.

Wire Basket - Nettynot Blog.jpg

So when I was recently having a tidy in my garage and rediscover this wire shelf and hooks I use to store and hang my jewellery from, I had a wave of inspiration. The hooks are a perfect size for scissor handles, however the reason I stopped using it was the awkward gaps in the wire shelf, I used to loose things through them and get bracelets stuck between the wire. So I thought I would just make a little fabric cover to sit in the shelf to stop items dropping though. This idea brewed for about a week until I had a bit of time to sit down and actually make it. In that time the idea had brewed into a small piece of patchwork.

Cut fabric - mini patchwork - nettynot blog

I kept it simple with straight forward squares (I cut 2” x 2”), to make a 9 by 6 square mat. I made it a little longer than I needed so I could tuck under the edge which would be visible from the front.

Sewn fabric - mini patchwork - nettynot blog

I often wonder whether I’m a bit crazy for keeping so many small faffy bits of scrap fabric, however they came into their own for this little project!

Fabric scraps - Nettynot Blog

I think as long as I limit it to just this one box I can justify it (the lid does fit on, honest)!

Hooks in Sewing Room - Nettynot Blog

I think the finished shelf and hooks look great, I like it below my colour collage, and will be so handy right above my sewing table.

Finished hooks - Nettynot Blog Post
Sewing Table - Nettynot Blog

It’s not the most attractive sewing table, however it is perfect for what I need, my sewing space doubles as the spare room, so I need something that is a sensible size, can fold down small, is pretty solid, I don’t mind about scratching and I found it in a local charity shop for £20!!! One of my best finds, I had a little sand underneath to see if I could remove the dark varnish and it looks pretty good under that horrid finish, so maybe that’s a project for the future!

Side note…

I did also sort out storing my ever expanding jewellery collection sometime ago with another flash of inspiration! I simply hammered large nails into a piece of wood I’d painted, then glued buttons to the heads of the nails (to make it look less industrial), it’s not perfect but very functional and I love it. Having this much jewellery is unavoidable when you work at a Bead shop and design jewellery as part of your job (that’s my excuse & I’m sticking to it!)

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New Year – 2013!

13 Jan

The new year is just about in full swing, it got off to a great start with a small & lovely fancy dress party at a friend’s house, here’s my costume – the theme was favourite animals! I felt like a big kid again making my costume out of an old cardigan, some fabric & felt – great fun!

Fancy dress New Years Eve!

A lovely & funny bunch of wonderful people (plus my owly costume)! Great fun!

I hope to continue my year as it started – doing what I love – being creative and spending time with friends! Last weekend I helped out a friend with a photo shoot for a lovely new hat & mittens pattern she’d designed & knitted, you can have a sneak peak at them on her facebook page. It was a slightly damp, but bright day, which provided a great wintery atmosphere at Wollaton Park, we had a little potter around the lake & I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the lovely deer before having a cuppa & a cookie in the cafe!

The lovely Deer at Wollaton!

The lovely Deer at Wollaton!

I have spent any spare time I’ve had this week organising my fabric stash – after creating some inventive storage for my small craft room with the help of Martin, who’s light bulb moment it was to put wheels on the bottom of a shelving unit – genius! Perfect for a small room like mine, where space is limited, I can wheel it away into the corner & pull it out whenever I need something!

Brilliant storage solution - shelves on wheels! Slides nicely down the gap by my worktop!

Brilliant storage solution – shelves on wheels! Slides nicely down the gap by my worktop!

A few months ago I discovered Pinterest, I may initially have got a little addicted (I’ve calmed down a little now) – I love it! It’s a wonderful way to collect ideas for all kinds of projects and plans. Making plans is a great way to start the new year, January can be a bummer, the weather is cold, a bit miserable, and everyone’s watching the pennies – but planning projects or holidays costs nothing and gives you something to look forward to.

I have created a board on Pinterest called “2013 projects”, at the moment they’re all fairly achievable aims, some decorating, others new skills I want to learn. What’s great is that since I’ve encouraged several friends onto Pinterest (they too have become a little addicted) they’ve seen my pins and I’ve had already had conversations (in the real world) about my ideas and plans. I now have someone to go learn basket weaving with & had a gentle nudge of encouragement to complete one of my ongoing blanket projects. I love that a list that I might have made in a little note book (and inevitably been forgotten about a month down the line) is kept fresh and I can constantly add to it and it is already having a positive effect.

You can find me on Pinterest, if you like (Steph Gibbs) & check out my boards.

You can find me on Pinterest, if you like (Steph Gibbs) & check out my boards.

Future plans…

I was very fortunate that when I moved into my very own house several years ago, I was given several useful pieces of furniture from parents & friends of my parents (who fortunately were down sizing just at the right time for me). I also bought a couple of bog standard Ikea items so that I had everything I realistically needed. I appreciated it all, (I’d have been sat on the floor of my living room for some time otherwise, not to mention having nowhere to sleep or store any crockery). It is now time to start replacing the old (& now a little worn out) pieces with items of my choosing. I can’t wait! It’s going to be a gradual transformation, however what I am looking forward to most is having little projects on the go, being able to think what would I like in that room, as opposed to where can a put this piece I’ve been given. I’m also looking forward to giving my old pieces of furniture new homes or a new least of life. Again some of these projects have already made it on to my Pinterest board for 2013 projects.

I will be writing blogs about all my projects and any transformations I make to my home, so watch this space! I have a few busy weekends ahead of me, so today I’m having a relaxing day, knitting, catching up on a few films & I just baked this lemon loaf!

I do love a bit of baking - homemade cakes are the best kind. This recipe was taken from The Hummingbird bakery cookbook.

I do love a bit of baking – homemade cakes are the best kind. This recipe was taken from The Hummingbird bakery cookbook. Mmm!

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