Patchwork Star Cushion

26 May

So this time last year I was starting to think about my entries into the Lunesdale agricultural show, you can see my post about the show here! I was pleased last year to have won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for some of my pieces. I also promised last year a post about my first prize winning cushion – an English paper piece patchwork star cushion.

Fabric - nettynot blog

The inspiration for this cushion came from 1 single fat quarter I picked up, quite randomly, at Hopkinson Vintage, Antique and Art Centre in Nottingham. I was drawn to the patterned stripes and at £2 I could hardly leave without it. At the time I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but an idea quickly formed.

I love patchwork that plays with fabric pattern as well as patchwork shapes. Using stripes are one of the most effective ways of adding that extra element.

Patchwork - Nettynot Blog
paper pieces patchwork - Nettynot Blog

So that’s the approach I went for, a simple, but effective, star shape created from 6 fabric diamond. I cut all the diamonds out of my fabric so that the more dominant stripe went straight through the centre, so that when they were sewn together each piece would have a stripe going from the centre out to each point of the star. I sewed the diamonds together by hand and positioned them on my plain square of fabric and top stitched around the edge of the star with my machine.

patchwork star - nettynot blog

I then cut some of the stripes out of the fabric and created a boarder around the square of fabric to frame the star (the corners were tricky as I wanted the stripes to form a neat point (some are definitely neater than others). The one below I was particularly chuffed with.  I then sewed more plain  fabric strips around the square to finished the front, I didn’t do anything fancy here, just added straight pieces on to each side, like a log cabin.
Patchwork Corner - Nettynot Blog

Up to this point I had completed the idea I had, I still however had to turn it into an actual cushion. I don’t usually put too much effort into the back of a cushion particularly since it rarely gets seen. My preferred method for all  the cushion I’ve made for myself have been to just have two piece of fabric that over lap on the back, creating a sort of pocket effect to put the cushion in (sometimes I add a popper if it gapes a little). However for the competition piece I decided to put a little more effort in and although I did do my usual over lapping fabric effect I added a decorative strip of fabric to the exposed edge and added 3 self covered buttons and made matching button loops.
Button band detail - Nettynot Blog

I really enjoyed making the cushion and thinking on my feel a little for this project and I was rather pleased with the result. I must admit I was a more than a little surprised, but also thrilled when I won on the day mainly because the other entries were very good, including an lovely layered Chenille cushion which must have taken ages and looked very effective. I can only imagine that it was my attention to detail in the finishing that sealed the win.

Finished Patchwork star cushion - Nettynot Blog

If you like paper piece patchwork but can’t bring yourself to do a whole quilt, a cushion cover or other small project like a tote bag could be the perfect creation for you – why not give it a go!

Now it’s time for me to get thinking about whether to enter another cushion into the show this year. I’m going to go and browse back through my Pinterest board of patchwork and quilt of pieces that I love and have inspired me, you can also check it out here, if you like.


2 Responses to “Patchwork Star Cushion”

  1. fallfromgrace349 May 27, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    Thats gorgeous! 🙂


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